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Tourist profile and Level of Satisfaction Study

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Tourist Profile and Satisfaction Level


2007 Annual Report

One aim of the 2007-2012 Tourism Sector program is to raise the productivity and competitiveness of tourist destinations, private businesses and community organizations, in order to enhance Mexico’s offer of traditional and alternative tourism options. Therefore, there is an ongoing process to evaluate the management and results of public promotional policies, and also to strengthen quality control systems, training, information, technology and planning in the regions, states, municipalities and companies working in the sector. 100% tourist satisfaction is a strategy for achieving this goal.


A permanent results evaluation program has been implemented to help fulfill this objective, through research into Tourist Profile and Satisfaction Level. This has made it possible to monitor how people perceived the quality of tourist and destination services and also served as the basis for various actions to be taken, both at a government level as well as for private companies to improve various services offered to tourists. Furthermore, this study has given us a better understanding of the profile of tourists in Mexico. On an international level, this program is the Mexican government’s most important system for evaluating tourist satisfaction levels, based on a solid and trustworthy methodology.


The results of the “Tourist Profile and Satisfaction Level” have provided information on the perception of Mexican and foreign tourists into various aspect of their trip in Mexico. They are also used as guidelines on which to base the development of promotional strategies in specific areas such as hospitality, hygiene and safety. They have also been used as a reference point to refine the communications infrastructure improvement plans at destinations.


The Tourist Profile and Satisfaction Level is based on an interview conducted at the tourist destination, based on a homogenous methodology for the sampling and collection of questionnaires which generate standardized satisfaction indexes by topic.


The questionnaire is divided by transport used to reach the destination, with 5 groups included: International Flight, Internal Flight, Road (Private Transport), Road (Bus) and Cruise Ship.


The research is made in conjunction with state and municipal authorities and/or academic institutions related to tourist activity – using a decentralized mechanism.

This research has been carried out every year since 2001, to monitor activity both in the low and peak season, as well as for special events.


The report includes results relating to 29 tourist destinations, and contains annual information for 2007.


This investigation is based on a survey that provides information on tourist profiles and generates an index for satisfaction levels – acting as a competitiveness indicator for the various destinations.


It evaluates the quality of the services and the main tourist destinations in Mexico, both at beaches and in cities. The satisfaction index is based on more than 25 questions related to the various public and private services that the destination offers the tourist.



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