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Recreational Sports Fishing in Mexico

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Behavior and Trends of Recreational Sports Fishing in Mexico
The General Tourism Product Development Department, through the Sports and Nautical Tourism Development Department of SECTUR (Ministry of tourism) decided to draft a research document entitled ”Behavior and Trends of Recreational Sports Fishing in Mexico”, in order to propose public strategies and specific actions that encourage the development of products and services in the fishing tourism sector in Mexico, fishing being defined as follows:
The activity carried out by a Mexican or foreign tourist, based on the guidelines defined by the competent authorities, and the rules and principles established by the sporting authorities, using a rod, line and hook, in continental territorial waters, reservoirs, rivers and lakes in Mexico, in harmony with other types of fishing and using the tourist services and products available at every destination for practicing this sport.
In Mexico, recreational sports fishing, is practiced by both Mexican and foreign tourists, either where they live or at any of the tourist destinations they visit.
Fishing enthusiasts use the infrastructure available at every site, including marinas, jetties, lodging, complementary facilities, services and products that are provided to meet the their needs.
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